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Probus visit to police museum at Sulhamstead - 30th March 2023

Police 1.JPG

A few photos from today's trip to the police museum at Sulhamstead. I think it was about 18 of us had a look at what the boys in blue do and a few joined up!
Little boys will always be little boys! Thanks Dave (Stubbs) for a very interesting visit and
excellent choice of pub.


Thursday's walk was from the Fox Hermitage. A few weeks ago it was dry and firm going but after all the rain it was more like a pudding. The first bit of the walk was through the woods to the South of Hermitage and it rained. The woods are full of paths with no features to guide us so it was done by sat-nav. The photos show what it was like. But we made it to Wellhouse Farm where we feasted on donuts and the rain by then had stopped. From now on we were on firm tracks and we could shake the mud off our boots. And so on to Boar's Hole Farm - you do wonder how it got that name. On through farm land that was looking sodden. Next along Fence Lane and past the Gravelly Pightles. We had a long discussion on what a pightle was as the woods gave no clue at all. Eventually we reached the Marlsdon Road with complaints that there was too much up hill and not enough down hill. Here a debate on whether to follow the road and then the old railway track of go back through the woods with the mud. As time was getting on the railway won. The 10 of us and 4 of the weaker brethren  enjoyed an excellent lunch. After the wet start it ended up as enjoyable.

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